What Comes Around Goes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around - Ascension

Part 2 of 3

The Age of Evil has come to Icosahedra.

Some call it the age of oppression.

When freedom is nothing but a dream. its time to make a stand.

Lead a rebellion. To be a hero.

Welcome to the land of the downtrodden. where those dare to standout are punished

And those that dear to hope find nothing to hope for.

True rebels fight against all odds

True rebels never give up

Yet they can not triumph alone

The uprising has begun

But who will lead the revolution…….

Welcome to What Goes Around Comes Around – Ascension

As an incentive to write a post each week i will be using the following.

Extra XP


You will get pick a card at the start of the night to a max of 4 cards
You can only pick a card if you write a post for the previous weeks gaming session not a rap up of many weeks. and possibly a GM card given out at end of the night.



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