What Comes Around Goes Around

Travel Journal Entry 4

Doors and windows

‘The mother she-bear cradles her young close… but she does the same to her prey as well!’ – Local peasant saying

I wonder if that is what it feels like when criminals case a joint? It certainly felt less… organised… than I was expecting. Theros’s efforts at surveying the building provided more profit than information. My attempts ended with a slammed door before I could even finish introducing myself. In the end it was the idiot (who had returned from stalking the librarian) who identified it was a magic wand the deputy mayor was using to open the door to his house.

Theros was able to emulate the spell with his own… uh, noble training? Anyway, we entered using the cover of darkness, aided with the cover of fog that Nug seemed to be able to produce from nowhere.

We found our first ever trap in there. Well, Theros found it. And by found it I mean he shot the idiot with it. Luckily(?) it seemed to have little effect on him. None that we could tell anyway. Worried that the place had more traps we started methodically, and carefully, searching the rooms.

As the idiot and I worked our way through the ground floor, the others searched upstairs. Up there they encountered the deputy mayor himself, Dan Ackroyd. Theros was able to keep him bewildered and confused with some combination of fancy words. This gave Nug time to abscond with a locker and chest that hopefully held the evidence we were looking for, while the idiot stole a pair of socks because reasons.

We also identified a mirror as disguising a secret door through which Dan’s guards could come if needed. I thought to block it off, just in case, but the nearby table was much heavier than it looked and I was unable to move it.

During our downtime Nug let us know that he’d had an odd experience with the mirror in his room. We examined it but presently don’t know what caused him to think his eyes had changed colour. He also lent me a book he’d read. He must’ve enjoyed it cause he stayed up all night reading it.

After showing Rust what we had found, he needed some time to process it, and suggested we make ourselves useful to pass the time. So we decided to see if we could turn anything up about the missing children.

First stop was the orphanage, which was a brief stop for the idiot, as he lived up to his name and managed to get himself thrown out. While there, we found evidence that made it look like someone had broken in and and kidnapped the children while they were sleeping.

We then checked in with some of the parents who had lost children and they all had much the same story. Except the first guy, Olly. In his case his child had been found, though tragically she was already dead. Not thinking too much of it at the time, we later decided we should try Olly again. The fact that his was the only child that had been found meant there may be some extra clue there.

Much to our surprise, he wasn’t home when we called again. This felt quite unusual, as he didn’t seem like he was in much state for social house calls. So we asked Nug if his dog could track Olly’s sent, and off we went. Back to the orphanage. A sense of trepidation built as we realised where Olly was leading us. Surely he couldn’t be the one responsible for putting others through his own pain.

Suprinsingly the party decided to wait and see if he did in fact carry out our fears. We were saddened to see him come away from an orphanage window with a struggling child.

We knew where he was probably going, but just in case Barney and I gave chase and found we were fast enough to keep up with him no problem. I tried to wrestle the child away from Olly when we reached his house but he clung on like a man possessed. When that failed, an angry Barney cleaved him with a mighty swing of his axe.

I attempted to call on Desna to save Olly, fearing there may be other children that only he knew the location of, but it seems he was dead before he hit the ground.

With the rest of the party arrived we set about returning the orphan and searching the house for some explanation for Olly’s actions…



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