What Comes Around Goes Around

The Dark side of Humanity

From God

The adventures had be tasked to find some information on the “rigged election” from the Deputy Mayor’s house.

After staking out the house they found the courage to enter the house and search for what they could find, they came across, a crafter’s house complete with its own set of traps.

After a a few sneaky moments and a fascination here and a charm there the adventures had found a few things to take away and investigate.

They are lucky that the New Town guard don’t really care about crime in the city as they ran across it holding their new found loot in plain sight.

After some investigation and a Old Towns Guards help to open a box,
they found themselves with some time on their hands so decided to try and help the city.

Hearing about a spate of kidnappings the adventures took it upon themselves to solve this most heinous of crimes.

After a day of questioning people ( something the New Town Guard had not done ) the Adventures quickly and easily had found and guessed what was happening and confronted the person they had assumed was responsible,
unfortunately the can not question him now as he is having a bad case of death due to an axe through the head.
But something does not quite feel right.

Will they get to the bottom of it?

We will see.

I am keeping a close eye on this lot because “what goes around comes around”.
or is it the other way around i cant quite remember.



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