What Comes Around Goes Around

Everybody has their fifteen minutes of fame

Excerpt from “My Adventures – The Life of Theros Vitalstatistix, vol.1”

The scouting led to more of the same. The Deputy Mayor opened his one and only way into his house with some sort of magic.

“If only I could see what he’s doing!”

Theros lamented, to nobody in particular, about his inability to actually see what the Deputy Mayor was actually doing.

“He’s opening the door with a wand, casting a simple cantrip”

Apparently, the Idiot had been paying more attention that Theros gave him credit for…and understood at least the basics of cantrips and magic…There really must be more to that man than meets the eye.

The party scouted the area around the house to see if there were any other ways inside, but were not able to find a single thing, even going so far as to check out the plans of the sewer system, with no luck.

The house next door remained somewhat of a mystery, with plenty of food going in, but almost nobody going out. Ashe decided to try a more holistic approach and knocked on the door.

“Excuse me good sir. I am here on behalf of my God, Desna. Would…”

The highly audible sound of a grunt of disgust and a door being slammed sent the idealistic young baker dejectedly away, unsuccessful.

Eventually, no more could be gleaned from the busking and watching, and Theros led his group back to the Blue Oyster to plan. A simple plan seemed best with the somewhat limited skills and experience at the groups disposal.

It was at this point that Ashe and the Idiot disappeared for ten minutes, returning, looking somewhat sheepish, but saying nothing.

Theros had noticed that this group commanded more magic than was normal for Digon, and possibly for Hexagon as well, and decided that this was to be their advantage. Barney was the only one that had trouble coping with this and seemed to want nothing to do with getting into the house using magic.

“I’ll cast a cantrip to hopefully open the door, we rush in, find the deputy mayor, Dan Ackroyd, cast charm on him and get him to tell us everything we need to know.”

It sounded simple. A plan doesn’t always survive a battle. Apparently they don’t survive a few minutes with this group either!

Theros checked to see if the door would open when the cantrip was cast and then immediately closed the door again. First mistake. Should have simply rushed in right then. Going back to the group, a method of concealment using Nug’s command of weather to provide a bank of fog was given the go ahead. Second mistake. A small localised spot of fog on an otherwise clear street on a clear night made for more conspicuous viewing. Leaving Barney outside to keep watch in case of trouble was decided by Barney the drunk. Third mistake.

A minor miracle led to easy access to the Deputy Mayors home and the group filed in, one by one and found a property tidy, well laid out, a small library and wood working tools in a small work space in the downstairs space and some stairs leading to the upper floor. Theros quickly poked his head in each area downstairs to see if the Deputy Mayor was there, and not finding him, started moving upstairs.

“Ashe, Idiot…sorry, I still don’t know your name…can you search down here for anything that might be of use please? Nugg, you and Dog are with me upstairs.”

About to walk up the stairs, Theros spotted something weird on one of the steps. A small depression. Hazarding a guess this might be a trap of some kind, he summoned a minor cantrip to create a pound of dirt and dropped it on the depression. A small click was heard and a dart shot out of the wall…straight into the neck of the Idiot!

“Arrgghhhh!! I’m dying! Help me!”

The Idiot then pulled the dart out of his neck and shrugged his shoulders.

“Huh…guess I’m not then.”
Luckily, the trap didn’t seem to reset, so Theros, Nugg and Dog moved upstairs, and immediately spotted the Deputy Mayor hiding behind a door. Moving quickly towards him, Theros started singing, and watched as his incredible voice caused the Deputy Mayor to sink to the floor, quietly fascinated with the perfomance.

Gesturing to Nugg to search quickly and quietly, Theros continued to focus on the Deputy Mayor, and readied himself to cast a spell should the music stop holding sway.

Which it did.

Nugg somehow found a devious trap in the bedroom, causing a spike to shoot out of the floor and darts erupt out of the tip of it, hitting the Deputy Mayor in the back of the neck.

“Thank Desna he isn’t particularly strong willed!”

Theros sighed in relief as he felt his magic work through his adversary.

The pain and indignation on Dan’s face was evident as he demanded to know why Theros was in his house. A short conversation and some very fast talking later, Theros was now one of his bodyguards from next door and simply checking the safety of the Deputy Mayor.

Making off with a chest, a small box and a large sense of his own importance, Theros rushed back to the Blue Oyster and waited for John Rust to show. The chest held some interesting documents and proved of interest to John and the small box held a alarm of some kind, thankfully dealt with by John quickly and efficiently.

While the Ballot Counter went off to check his own figures, John suggested that the group check up on some missing children that the City Watch had not found.

“Ha! Told ya ’bout em!”

Barney slurred at the group. Evidently, this was a cause he could get behind and stop drinking for, however briefly.

As one, the group followed Theros to the orphanage to discuss the missing children. The Matron there showed the group in and let them examine the room where two of the children went missing from. Somehow the Idiot managed to offend the Matron, so Theros sent him outside with the others to search out there before moving onto the the homes of the other missing children.

The first house was duly found and the door knocked on. A man, looking every inch somebody wallowing in abject misery, answered the door and proved to be very unwilling to help, even after succumbing to Theros’ wit, charm and magic. The only thing he would say was that his child was coming back, even though he had seen her body. Something was wrong here, but without breaking the law just to get inside, the group moved on.

The rest of the houses were similar. Parents keen to help, wanting their children back and having almost lost hope. The rooms had been broken into from outside and the child snatched, in one case, directly from under the eyes of the parent, who was unable to catch the kidnapper.

A trip back to the house with the strange father was in order, so, fresh from a successful foray into a magically guarded house, Theros led the group confidently back.

The man was gone…and his trail was able to be followed back to the orphanage. Instead of grabbing him immediately, Theros was convinced to wait, and see what he would do, and where he would go.

He broke a lock on the window, reached in, and grabbed a child so quickly it was done before the child could even cry out. He then ran off, and the party followed. It became apparent that two things were happening.

One. They had been spotted and the man was leaving the party behind. Two. Ashe and Barney seemed to find reserves of sustained speed that allowed them to keep pace, while Dog loped near him, leaving Theros, the Idiot and Nugg behind.

Only just keeping pace so that he didn’t lose sight of the kidnapper, Theros could see that the mans own house was his destination, and there was nothing he could do but watch as first Ashe, then Dog and finally Barney all make attempts to stop him. And stop him, Barney did.

A hidden ladder had dropped down from the ceiling and at the base of it was Ashe, Barney, Dog, the kidnapper child and the kidnapper himself, dead, a massive rent in his skull from where Barney had landed his killing blow.

“How are we going to find out what was going on now?”

Theros felt ill from the sight, and the lost opportunity. Ashe ensured the child was escorted downstairs, away from the bloody scene. The hidden loft called…



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