What Comes Around Goes Around

Barneys Battle Report

Motherfucking, fucktard, fucked in the head, cock sucking, fucking phsyco fucker…. killing kids and ripping them apart to make a new kid. He’s just not right in the head and not just because of my axe being in it. Well he won’t hurt any children again after my successful labotomy of him. I need a drink!!!

The Dark side of Humanity
From God

The adventures had be tasked to find some information on the “rigged election” from the Deputy Mayor’s house.

After staking out the house they found the courage to enter the house and search for what they could find, they came across, a crafter’s house complete with its own set of traps.

After a a few sneaky moments and a fascination here and a charm there the adventures had found a few things to take away and investigate.

They are lucky that the New Town guard don’t really care about crime in the city as they ran across it holding their new found loot in plain sight.

After some investigation and a Old Towns Guards help to open a box,
they found themselves with some time on their hands so decided to try and help the city.

Hearing about a spate of kidnappings the adventures took it upon themselves to solve this most heinous of crimes.

After a day of questioning people ( something the New Town Guard had not done ) the Adventures quickly and easily had found and guessed what was happening and confronted the person they had assumed was responsible,
unfortunately the can not question him now as he is having a bad case of death due to an axe through the head.
But something does not quite feel right.

Will they get to the bottom of it?

We will see.

I am keeping a close eye on this lot because “what goes around comes around”.
or is it the other way around i cant quite remember.

Travel Journal Entry 3
Hexagon, city of suck.

“After bad luck comes good fortune, and after good fortune comes bad luck.” – Desnian proverb.

We made a new friend. His name is Kristoff and he’s rather small. Apparently he is a gnome, though he doesn’t look like the sort to hang out in gardens. He claims to be our secret protector, but I’m not sure he’s much of one. Not only have we spotted him twice when his disguise has failed, but we have also been attacked twice without any sign of his protection. Perhaps he is protecting us from something we’re unaware of?

The first attack came while we were resting back at the bandits. A group of small reptilian creatures attacked us using careful formations and well rehearsed tactics. Luckily for us the bandits were there as I’m not sure we would have been a match for such strong creatures. I learnt later that they were kobolds, the same creatures that the bandits took their village from. Perhaps I should not underestimate these bandits, they may be tougher than they look.

The second attack came in the city of Hexagon, where we were set upon by a group of unarmed thugs. Luckily they seemed to be more focused on getting Barney’s magic ring than actually fighting us. As Barney went down to their surprisingly vicious attack, I asked Desna to protect him. It seemed to work as they couldn’t even grab hold of him to try and get the ring off.

One of the thugs coughed up the name of who had hired them. It was Fizzle McWatson, the very same gnome that we had just visited to ask about the book we want. It seems he did not want to wait to share his research after all, and just wanted the ring for himself. He has fled the city to his gnomish home, and taken the book with him. Our book. We must get the book back. Unfortunately it will be a week before we can follow him by blimp.

In the meantime, we have been approached by the former captain of the guard, a fellow by the name of John Rust. He seems to think something is afoot with the rulers of Hexagon. Not the least of which, being the ridiculous taxes that near ruined any change of our trip making a profit.

Rust believes the last elections were tampered with somehow. The previous mayor seems to have been ensorcelled in some way. The official counter of the votes claims the result matched his counting, which implies that any tampering happened before he received them to count.

So now Rust wants us to break into the deputy mayors house and look for evidence. A task that he believes can be achieved by a drunk, a farmer, a baker, a guy who has never held a job for more than a sunny afternoon, and… I don’t know quite what to say about the last guy. I saw him produce a cascade of brilliant colours from his hands that dropped two of the thugs attack us in an instant. There’s clearly more to him than I thought, and I think he’ll be very popular at parties.

Maybe we will have no trouble doing this. After all the fights that has been more dangerous than we expected, it must be time for our luck to change.

Sorry if my handwriting is a bit messed up. I keep getting knocked unconscious and I’m worried I have a concussion.

One plus one equals BETRAYAL!

Excerpt from “My Adventures – The Life of Theros Vitalstatistix, vol.1”

“Kobolds? Desna, why does it have to be kobolds?”

The campfire spat flames skywards and cast the camp in a flickering light, just enough to look out into the darkness and see the shapes of spears and shields, marching resolutely towards us, the beings carrying them momentarily obscured.
The threat of death for stealing the camp gave the creatures away. Filthy, evil little kobolds. Marching in a scarily precise manner, being led by someone who obviously understood our language well.

Discussion didn’t sway them and they went on the attack. Moments later, Theros was wishing with all his heart to be back in the mine. These things were vicious, crafty and had the advantage of numbers, and they were making it count.

The bandits managed to get the children away, but the party was having immense trouble defending against a superior force with greater numbers. Arrows would miss, Dog went down, Ashe went down, Barney forced to hold the middle ground.

Thankfully, the bandits were able to assist, and as the kobold numbers dwindled, the tide turned quickly.

“What the hell? At what point do kobolds become some kind of armed force to be feared?”

The road to Hexagon was next, and with little discussion on the destination, with the book pulling all towards the same goal, they headed down the road, Vigeo leading them, keeping the other bandits from attacking…some form of honour among thieves…

The sense of the book acted as a beacon. Theros could practically feel it pulling him in a direction, and as one, the small group made for the gates of Hexagon, only to be stopped by an older man, one of several on guard. He was however, the only one paying any attention at all and introduced himself.

“John Rust. Former Captain of the City Guard.”

It didn’t take John’s trained eye to notice a semblance of heroism exuding from group, and he quickly and quietly made a plea for help, explaining that Hexagon was a shadow of its former self, with misery and taxes its best export. Begging some time from the group, he asked to meet later at the Blue Oyster, saying a friend of his owned it.

With nothing else to go on, other than a direction of a book, Theros nodded acceptance and the group moved into the city proper, through the winding streets to the market. Selling the Digon goods proved fairly easy, but at a sixty percent tax, the take was light. Frustrated, Theros could only agreed to the deal, but John Rusts premise rang in his ears, steeling his will even more to help this city.

Once the goods were dealt with, there was little else to do but follow the trail of the book.

“A library? Of course it’s in a bloody library!”

Barney seemed even less impressed than normal for whatever reason, but stomped through the doors, directly to the front desk, where an aging elven woman glanced at the somewhat eclectic party.

“We’re looking for a book. About…something…book-like maybe? Seems to be able to call people over long distances? Would you have something like that here?”

It’s been decades, and STILL Theros is unable to master the look of confused disdain the elven librarian glared down at him.

Regardless, the tactless drunk proved that sometimes, tact and subtlety are overrated and simply showed her his ring and she immediately recognised something. Saying little, she beckoned the group to follow her to meet the other librarian, a gnome named Fizzle McWatson.

A painful conversation followed between Fizzle and the party. Theros wanted the book and Fizzle wanted the ring. An offer of six thousand platinum pieces convinced all that Barney could do without the ring, however, the ring was loath to leave its home, entrenched firmly on Barneys finger.

The gnome, clearly frustrated, had related something of the story behind the ring, believing it to be part of a tale, long since believed fiction. He, however, believed he had found a residing place of a dragon that had sworn to keep two lovers apart. The ring was supposedly the gift from the man to his lover, lost for an age while the lovers were trapped and guarded by the spurned and jealous dragon.

Agreeing to meet Fizzle at midday the following day, Theros led the group to the Blue Oyster. Save Barney getting drunk, the idiot spending time making, well, an idiot, of himself with a determinedly unimpressed elven librarian, the rest of the day went quickly, if uneventfully. It was actually pleasant! Desna forbid if that keeps happening.

Midday rolled around, interrupted only by a chance meeting with the former Mayor of Hexagon, who, apparently, was under the effect of some form of spell or curse that none could break.

A destination in mind, Theros bade the Blue Oyster farewell and made his way. The book led them, and twists and turns followed, the sensation getting closer all the time.

There was sense of unease building. Something was wrong. A group of three men were standing in one of the alleys, unarmed, but watching the group with intent. And the book directed Theros through this very alley.
The world sighed and a cliche came together and an ambush in an alley eventuated. As soon as the group stepped into the alley, two more men stepped out from behind them, surrounding them.

Seeing they were unarmed, and having no real desire to cause grievous injury, Barney charged…and got laid out almost immediately. These were no mere thugs! The idiot stepped up towards the two men at the back, along side Ashe, and suddenly there was no more threats. the men in front focused exclusively on Barneys ring, straining to get it off his finger, to no avail.

An arrow here, a dog bite there, a swing of a weapon and shortly the thugs were left unconscious or incapacitated, with one awake and coherent enough to answer questions. A simple piece of speech garnered a simple truth…Fizzle had betrayed them and tricked the thugs as well!

With the city guard coming, Theros sprinted off through the city, frantically following the sensation of the book, only to find it getting further away, and going faster every second. Fizzle had made it to a blimp and was headed home, where the party couldn’t follow, for at least a week, since that was when the blimp would return from it’s round trip.

A strong voice broke through and a large, heavily armoured, heavily muscled, heavily religiously regaled, somewhat looks challenged man stood before Theros, and alongside him, a more effete man, wearing a robe, stood, looking ever so slightly bemused. Loud introductions were made by Argyros and for his brother Pug.

A religious inquisition later, and Theros was able to lead the group back to the Blue Oyster for the afternoon meeting with John Rust. John brought with him the elderly and slightly doddery ballot counter for the mayoral elections. It seemed as though some form of unscrupulous method had been used to swing the votes in the favour of the current Mayor, and the Deputy Mayor was the most likely suspect.

Hesitant, but seeing the value in helping Hexagon, Theros agreed to scout the Deputy Mayors home, to try and find a way inside. With only one door, a man working long hours on a fairly regular schedule and no help in the home, this should be fairly easy…

More of Barneys Private thoughts....

Well that could have gone better….

We found the book, we trusted some little Gnome fucker by the name of Fizzle. Who double crossed us and tried to have me killed to get the ring. If I ever see that little fucker again I am going to squeeze his head so hard his brains will come out his ears, nose mouth and eyes. No one double crosses us and lives, well lives for long, or lives once we actually find them again… anyway he is the walking dead.

Hexagon really sucks balls at the moment but once we sort out the mayor and deputy mayor who are obviously evil pricks we will have things back to normal. In the meantime I have given some money and food to the orphanage to look after the kids until we get things back on track. Hopefully we can find out what has happened to the disappearing kids as well.

It turns out I am not a bad fighter I might start developing a few skills they seem to come in handy. Ohhhhhh and the idiot may not actually be an idiot… he may be a complete moron he couldnt take a hint that the Elven Librarian was not interested in his advances.

OK beer on the bar time to go…

All is not Well
From God

Our group has made it to Hexagon only to find its not what it once was.
Hexagon is a shadow of its former self.

They found the book they are after only to have it leave town with a small gnome by the name of Fizzle McWatson after his failed attempt to take the ring.
Fearing the punishment he would receive for hiring thugs and stealing he fled the city to his home City the “Gnomoplex”

They met up with the once Head of the Town Guard John Rust who has enlisted their help to try and depose the new mayor.

Travel Journal Entry 2
A long time down.

“You might say I’m a dreamer; but I’m not the only one.” – Lon Jennon, Cleric of Desna

So I’m not actually sure what the date is anymore. We’ve apparently been magically put to sleep for a few days and kinda lost track of time. We’re still alive so I’m sure Desna protected us while we dreamed.

How did this happen you wonder? Well you should know, since I assume I’m talking to myself, as I’m not planning to publish this thing. However, in case of unplanned amnesia, I better relate what happened.

The party finally decided to investigate that green shaft. After some experimentation with the metal tube Theros got from the metal creature, he managed to work out how to traverse the various levels of the mine. I was super-jealous he got to go down first, but since there wasn’t much to see on the first few levels I got over it. Mostly.

There were some unusual creatures we had never seen before, though Theros had heard tales of them. Luckily we still had the drunk to aim at anything that was threatening us. In fact he’s gotten so good at killing things, he is now claiming to be creating some sort of magical affects as well.

That’s was until the drunk decided to sulk. Really, he’s not just a drunk, but a barely functioning alcoholic, who decides mid adventure he’s bored and wants to go to the pub. I guess Theros thought we’d need him as he went after him and somehow convinced him to come back. I would’ve said to leave him to follow his own dreams, but it’s probably a good thing he came back given what we had to fight.

First there was a great shelled beast, then some sort metal eating monster, and finally a lizard that could apparently turn people into stone. I only heard about the last one, as we wisely chose to avoid it.

Not everything was hostile. We befriended a wandering Lantern Archon, who provided us with information, light, and some healing. He even helped out in combat a little, thought he didn’t seem to care to follow instructions.

The final room was populated with some sort of massive goblin and his undead goblin minions. It was at that point that I felt Desna flow through me and I opened the undead goblins’ eyes to the glory of her light, causing them to scream and burn in a satisfying, though slightly icky, manner. Lantern also seemed to be quite effective at scouring the goblins with pretty pretty lights.

The fight still seemed to be going badly, with the big goblin proving to be quite an effective archer. Theros decided to remove him from the fight by teleporting him up to an earlier level and leaving him there. A smart play, until the goblin gently floated back down the tube. Such magic!

In the end we defeated him , and set our sights on the true prize. But first we had to get past a cunning puzzle involving determining which of two choices is safe, when one guardian lies and one tells the truth. I remembered these sorts of puzzles from when I was a child so I thought I could work it out but before I could try Th-

[This section of Ashe’s journal is damaged, as though someone has ripped out a section]

-decided to have a go and just pick one. Praying Desna was still paying attention and would guide me to the right one I just tried the closest one. It was the wrong one. Unless your Desna and you think making your followers have a nice long nap is an appropriate way for the god of dreams to behave. Possibly it is. I dunno.

At least we got a nice magical ring out of it. Which we gave to the barbarian since he seems to like standing in front of guys with weapons sharper than Theros’ wit.

And now we have to go get that book from Hexagon. Weirdly, I don’t remember knowing anything about a book before we came down here. I think we may have been under some supernatural compulsion that caused us to not think about the book. Luckily it has worn off so we can go get it now.

Barneys Secret and Private Toughts.
Bloody fools

So it looks like I might be pretty good at this fighting thing. Maybe just maybe I can find some other way of overcoming the pain that has caused me to turn to drink…… nah I like the taste too much but killing bad things is a close second.

So we go down this mine and clear it out except for some lizard that can turn us to stone. That Mayors son tries to get us killed at every turn. He things we should kill the lizard something call a Baskinglizzd. Like hell I am going near that when all it was doing was having a little nap. Turned to stone fuck that shit.

Then get this we are trying to solve this puzzle from some magical creatures who told us we can ask one question one of them will lie and one will tell the truth, one door holds their treasure and one leads to death. ONE question just ONE not two, just ONE. Everybody understands what one question is right? Well he goes and shows the things a silver coin and asks it what colour is the coin. He then cant understand why we are not overjoyed that he knows which one is the one that lies. Is it possible that he cant count? He says we can ask the one that tells the truth which portal to go through. FFS that’s another question!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway 50/50 chance treasure vs death and someone decides to try anyway instead of just letting things be, and that’s how we ended up almost dead saved by the bandits who found us near death in the nick of time.

Anyway we solve the riddle and get the bandit to ask his 1 question. We get a nice ring which they tell me is a ring that protects you. Its offered to me since I seem to be the only one who likes to hit all these bad evil creatures we suddenly seem to be coming upon. The rest of them cower muttering things to themselves or use bows. But I think I must be magic cause when I get knocked out I get up again. I also seem to have an ability of when I am fighting things other things fall over by just thinking that they need to be dead. Usually its accompanied by a pinky purple glowing thing. But anyway since I am the only one who really fights I put the ring on. There is a book somewhere that I need to get now. I am not sure why but I need to get it.

We also have to fight some big bastard when we are leaving, but I get a nice Axe out of it so that makes the whole trip worth it. I am going to give that wood cutter shit about his puny axe when I see him next. I must have been drunker than I thought cause I see another portal and some figure has an issue with my new ring. I really need to make sure I am only drinking high quality stuff.

Any way time to have a beer.

Sometimes people don't surprise you

Excerpt from “My Adventures – The Life of Theros Vitalstatistix, vol.1”

A closer inspection of the automation revealed some form of glowing tube in the chest cavity, and an even closer inspection of the tube revealed that yes, it was super bright and hard to get past being blinded, and yes, there was more than met the eye, with symbols engraved down the length of the tube, and just the top symbol glowing.

Theros stared at the symbols and had a suspicion he had seen them before.

“These symbols match the engravings above the shaft we saw earlier.”

Proud of his attention to detail, the others immediately moved past him, caring very little other than to accept that this was probably true. Feeling deflated, he suggested a short excursion down the remaining tunnel before examining the shaft more closely.

The second tunnel led down a similar depth and had an exposed part of the tunnel that showed the same green material the shaft and the strange automaton looked to be made of. With nothing else of note to find, Theros led his party back to the shaft.

The tube looked as though it would fit quite nicely into an indention in the wall beside the shaft, so after some tentative testing, he slotted the tube in and watched as a second symbol lit up. With no discernible change other than that symbol lighting up, the group struggled to comprehend where to go from there.

“Up? Down? One? Top? Bottom?”

As Theros started muttering words in hope something would trigger in the shaft. Instead, the world went dark and Theros felt the chill of shock ripple through his body, and nearly panicked when he realised that he was suddenly all alone. His stressed mind couldn’t grasp what had just happened and he zoned out, looking into the shaft and seeing that it now went both up and down. Not hearing anything, he tried to focus on what he had been saying when he teleported.

“Oh god…I have no idea…”

The panic seriously starting to settle in and his mind whirred. All of a sudden, he appeared back next to the party. It must have been something he thought! The party appeared as surprised as Theros himself when he appeared again.

Some testing later revealed that the thought of a number and a maximum of three beings could travel at a time and it seemed as though where ever you were when you triggered the tube, you appeared next to the shaft on that level.

Some of the tunnels coming off the shaft were empty, some were short and not well excavated, while others had…things…in them.

It is at this point that peoples natures revealed themselves a little more clearly. Ashe was fascinated. Fascinated with the mode of travel, the destinations and what could be possibly be found. Nugg and Dog were stoic and interested primarily in moving forward as the party cleared the mines. The idiot, who up to this point had STILL not given us the pleasure of his name, has started to appear less of an idiot and more as a sane man. Possibly something to look into more carefully at a more opportune moment. And here too, Barney and his alcoholic addiction started to hamper the group. A massive focus on his next drink and the tavern alone started to wear the others in the party down.

Theros made a hasty decision…not his last, and also not necessarily his best decision…and touched Barney on the shoulder and teleported to the top of the shaft and suggested to Barney that if it was the pub he wanted, the exit was back the way they came, hoping that the option the drunk wanted being made available would sate him. An immediate departure for the exit put paid to that notion and Theros shook his head and went back to the group.

A brief discussion with the others led Theros, frustrated at the situation, to head back up in search of Barney, hoping against hope that he hadn’t already disappeared. Luckily, he found him at the top of the mine, drinking from a skin, already seeming happier. A note to the needs of the party and some of the drunkenly hidden character of the man emerged, and Barney returned to the party.

And just in time! A beast of which Theros had only heard of in tales, an Ankheg, was found wandering and the bright glare of a stone with the light spell on it alerted it to the groups position and it attacked. With acid for blood and fearsome pincers, this was nothing to be taken lightly.
A charge, a few arrows, a dog bite later and the fearsome beast lay defeated. It had clearly been here quite some time. Somehow, some of its blood splashed on the tube, lighting yet another symbol.

Deeper into the mine, a tunnel littered with wooden handles indicated something lying in wait. A cautious approach revealed a creature that again, Theros had only heard described in tales, this time a dangerous Rust Monster, which literally eats metal of any kind.
In what was fast becoming a combat trend, a charge from the drunk, the dog and sometimes the baker, followed by some arrows and gibberish saw the beast killed, with little more damage done that Barney’s sword being badly damaged. or so he thought! The idiot simply asked to look at the weapon, shrugged his shoulders, handed the sword back, clearly confused as it wasn’t damaged at all. Again, there is something more to this idiot than appears.

The deeper the party got, the warmer and more eerie the mines became. Reaching a deep tunnel, a light could be seen. Ahead, a lantern appeared to floating by itself in the air. A strange occurrence, in a mine of strange. And stranger still, the lantern talked, and both Ashe and Theros were able to converse with it. An added bonus was a feeling of warmth and rightness emanating from it. Introducing itself as Lantern, the Lantern Archon was exploring and felt that a combining of forces would be beneficial. After a short discussion, mostly around the inability of the rest of the group to understand what was being said, Theros and Ashe invited Lantern along.
Lantern immediately proved his worth, healing Dog with some form of ray and also investigating a tunnel a little deeper into the mine, finding some form of lizard creature sleeping further in. The description from Lantern led Theros to wrack his brain for a tale and finally remembered that this sounded much like a fabled Basilisk! The ability to petrify a person somehow was a terrifying prospect. Nobody wanted to attack this head on! Theros came up with a cunning plan (along with a weasel tail).
“We could sneak up to it, teleport it to the edge of a shaft and push it down the shaft and let it fall to its death!”

Genuinely excited and impressed with his own creativity, Theros was in for a rude awakening as the rest of the group unanimously voted against the idea by moving on, leaving the Basilisk to its slumber.

Finally reaching the bottom of the mine, the party appeared to interrupt some form of ritual, with a large goblin looking creature, flanked by four regular goblins…no, not regular! Dead goblins! And strangely, some form of portals, two of them, apparently guarded by giant faces.
The large goblin creature snarled in frustration as the heads disappeared, and it gestured to the dead goblins to take care of the party, while pulling out a large bow of its own. Splitting into small groups, Dog and Nugg focused on a couple of dead goblins, Ashe strode forward, filled with the confidence of his god, a flash of godly power emanating from him twice, disrupting the dead goblins somehow, Lantern also seemed focused on the goblins, almost disgusted by them, incinerating them with a beam of golden light, Barney charging directly toward the large goblin, and Theros, nocking an arrow and attempting to take out a small creature quickly.

The small goblins quickly taken care of, the large creature was proving a serious threat, and its archery was proving deadly. A quick check of the creature revealed that it had not just a bow, but a morning star as well, and with party members moving in to flank it, Theros cast grease on the melee weapon in the hopes that it would make the morning star difficult to use.

An arrow then took down Barney, and he collapsed in a heap, bleeding badly. Theros visibly paled as the rest of the group looked around at each other and tried to think of a scenario where the rest of the group made it out of the combat alive and failed.

Theros had a flash of brilliance. Clearly the beast had got down here somehow, but surely some time could be bought to restore the party somewhat with the healing magics at their disposal. Taking a deep breath, he strode forward, reached out to touch the beast and thought of the level that they Basilisk resided, hoping that one or the other would kill each other, and thinking himself back down to the same level as the party again.

Some hurried healing and a hectic ambush was set up, and the party was as ready as they could be for the beast as it simply floated down the shaft. As it descended, it reached the bottom and dropped its bow, and reached for its morning star, struggling to get it out, causing the party to attack quickly without fear of reprisal. A roar of frustration from the beast was the last sound it made as it was cut down.

Relief evident on all the faces, Theros breathed a sigh of relief that his slightly mad plan paid off so handsomely.

After some time to regather their wits about them, the heads reappeared, along with the portals behind them. A cryptic comment followed…

“You have one question. Behind one door is certain death and the other, our treasure. One of us lies and the other tells the truth. What is your question?”

Unfortunately, while the party immediately and correctly moved away and started working out what was going on, Theros only heard “One of us lies and the other tells the truth. What is your question?” and immediately figured out a quite brilliant solution. Taking a silver coin, he asked…

“What colour is this coin?”

The face lied and said gold, and Theros turned to the others, facing glowing in triumph! The look on the others was a mix of shock, and clearly, awe at the intellect shown. Or, as the reality sunk in, it was shock, frustration and disappointment, and Theros felt crushed. He’d missed something vital and cost them all a chance at certain treasure.

Ashe showed some remarkable bravery, choosing a door and stepping through, regardless of the error in judgement made by Theros.

Waking, face hurting, throat raw, head thumping and stomach churning, Theros found Vigeo in the chamber, concerned about the group. Apparently a couple of days had passed and the bandit had become concerned at the party not returning. Vigeo had saved Theros’ life twice now. The debt would be repaid!

In the mean time, Ashe had worked a way to get through the correct door, in a feat of logic that left Theros shaking his head in confusion. Regardless, it worked and Vigeo was able to choose a door, allowing Ashe to step through and reveal a ring of exquisite craftsmanship. Vigeo was able to determine that it was a magical ring of protection, which was immediately offered to, and even more quickly accepted by Barney, leading to a shock for the party as a vision of a woman flowed before their eyes, leaving a lingering urge to find a book somewhere in Hexagon.

Leaving the mine was hastened, as the party was weary, tired and in need of a break. So Vigeo led the group back to the top, only to find as they exited, a large burly creature screaming at the party for killing its minions. It seemed out of it mind and it immediately charged, wielding a massive axe.
It was unlikely that any outcome other than the party standing victorious and Barney clutching yet another trophy was to be expected.

The trip back to the village was short, but eventful. A fated meeting with the groups protector, a gnome calling himself Christoff, found hiding in a bush, somewhat ineffectively, provided some confusion and mirth in equal measure.
Another portal opened in front of the group, similar to the one on the way to the mine. This time however, the being was able to step through, still disrupted in some incredible manner, and all that could be worked out was a single sentence.

“You put the ring on?!”

It sounded exasperated as it disappeared.

A short while later, a pack of wild dogs were spotted, and they immediately rushed the group. Nugg reached into his backpack and pulled out some trail rations, throwing them on the ground, halting the dogs immediately. A clever idea and the needless death of the pack was avoided.
Finally making their way back to the village, the prospect of some rest attracted the party immensely. Unfortunately, this was not to be…

The Green Shaft
From God

Our adventures found a small green tube and decided to try it out at the green shaft they discovered in the mine they were clearing out for the bandits.

they soon figured out how to use this strange devise and were teleporting between the levels of the green shaft.

they came across some strange and wonderful creatures and at the bottom were faced with a tough adversary. they overcame the threat.

two faces and two doors then appeared before them and were given one question to figure out what door was good or bad.
sadly they failed and Vigo came and revived them two days later.

Vigo helped out and they found a ring now they have a new purpose “Find the book”.


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