Vigeo Cellerdoor

Vigeo Cellerdoor leader of his Bandits


Vigeo Cellerdoor and his friends were forced out of their houses and business by the now harsh Hexagon law, moving into the woods and robing people just to stay alive.
It is a life they did not wish for themselves and do not wish to hurt anyone but they have accepted the fact you do what you can to stay alive.
He has shown he is a kind hearted person and true to his word will share a portion of the mines income with the party.
also can dance better than any other bard around.

Episode 1.5

He has now been mining the shaft that the party cleared weeks ago and making a tidy profit.
In doing so has come across something very interesting.

True to his word he has sent a percentage back to Digon for the party to collect at their leisure.

Episode 2.5 Now has a small thriving hamlet with one more barbarian to its name.


Vigeo Cellerdoor

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