Andramoon Greenshire

Was the Head librarian of Hexagon City


This older Elf has seen her fair share of comings and goings being currently 302 years of age.

She has taken up residence in Hexagon in her twilight years as the head librarian,
a job she seams happy with at least for now.

Still quite beautiful she is adept at defending herself from the crude advances of the Human race, but it is a race she has come to admire for the amount the achieve in such a small amount of time.

Episode 1.5
The life of an Elf can be long and boring,
But now she awaits the return of her one true love.

Presumed Dead after the Square attack on Hexagon.
Episode 2.5

She is alive and well in the New Hexagon spending some much needed time with her beloved Town Idiot.

Episode 3 : As far as the Party knows the world has ended at the time of the final fight between them and the Evil Silver Dragon


Andramoon Greenshire

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