Franzi Vitalstatistix

The Better Bard no longer.


Franzi has always bettered her brother in everything and loves reminding him so.

But has now become concerned about her little brother because he has not come back from his errand to protect the trade wagon bound for Hexagon and is fearing the worst.

Episode 1.5

Finding her little brother she is surprised to hear that he was involved in saving Hexagon from exploding.

Returning back home to Digon she took messages from the group back to their family’s.

But much time has passed and hearing news of the H.E.X Hindenburg crashing she is now worried for the safety of her sibling.

She is now buried 6 feet under in Digon.

Episode 2.5 Alive and well now in collusion with her brother to take control of Digon

Episode 3 : As far as the Party knows the world has ended at the time of the final fight between them and the Evil Silver Dragon


Franzi Vitalstatistix

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