What Comes Around Goes Around

Time...is a harsh mistress

Excerpt from “My Adventures – The Life of Theros Vitalstatistix, vol.3”

The battle against the evil dragon was drawing closer. So far, no time or place had been set, but Theros and his band had been charged with bringing any allies they could find with them to the battle, calling in any and all favours owed, perhaps even owing a favour in return.

Nugg and Barney went one way. They never really did say what happened, but they did return with an army of automations, blindly following their leader, Barney. Theros nearly screamed in frustration. Exactly what he said would happen, did. All that he could hope for now was that the army would be used for good…

…but this is getting ahead of the story (or is it dear reader? You will see, if you have the patience of a saint, to bear with me till the very end) and Arlen took his new found gnome friend to go shopping for magical bits and bobs. One hopes that the poor creature will survive the battle.

While Arlen was occupied, and Nugg and Barney were off in a different part of the world, Ashe lead his favoured disciple, Theros near and far.

First to the lake of the Nyiads to call due the favour owed when Theros’ group freed them from the terry of the depths that held them captive for so very many years.

Second, a visit to Hexagon was in order, and John Rust was able to drum up the required support from the city. John had another role to play in the next visit as well, as Theros dragged him over to Square to be the voice of honesty and reason, proving that Hexagon were, indeed, mobilising to fight a large evil dragon in a bid to save the very world itself. This gesture earnt an additional small army as Square pledge half their standing army to the cause, not willing to completely empty their city of armed forces (which was a far better result than expected).

Fourth, the gnomes of the fabled, and now very stationary, Gnomeroplex. While they were not able to offer much as their city was under constant attack, they did provide valuable flying troops.

Fifth, and last for Ashe and Theros, was the trip to the Caves of Doom and the Grudgebearers. A promise from Theros to the leader that the caves would be theirs, rather than them acting as caretakers earnt them the Grudgebearer forces.

A veritable host arrived in time for the battle. The planning was laid out by the Queen and it fell to the King to keep Porthos in the air and away from the ground armies, hoping that Theros and his band could win the battle on the ground. The plan from there was simple. Keep the ground forces away from the Queen so she could cast a spell to stop the evil dragon. Everything else was to protect her.

The battle was long, dangerous and very difficult. At one point, Theros could swear that he saw himself and the others of his now powerful little group fighting in the same battle, off in the distance, and it came back to him that they had, in fact, fought in a battle while traveling through time. This could, conceivably have been that battle!

At another intersection in time, Ziggy Beckett arrive and assisted the Queen by giving over a portion of his power, speeding up her spell, but his aid was cut short as he was attacked and disappeared into the time stream.

Further into the battle, the King himself fell to the ground, beaten and bloody, barely clinging to life.

Spells were cast, mighty blows shattered enemies, arrows flew, creatures were summoned, gods invoked…all to ensure the Queen could finish her spell. And finish it she did!

A blast so bright that Theros could see it through his very eyelids seared the sky, slamming into the evil dragon, bringing him down. His massive body slammed to the earth, as he breathed heavily, his life ebbing away.

Porthos laughed evilly, bloody spurting from his wounds.

“You fools! I planned this all along. My death causes what I always wanted! My life ends this world.”

Ziggy arrived again, in the midst of the Queen realising, too late, that he was in fact a World Dragon, and with his death, the world was doomed. Ziggy looked frantic, and then calmed as he arrived at something of a solution, but not before finding time to berate the party, even as the world around him started to fall to pieces.

“I only ever tried to help you! And what did I get for it? You were rude to me, mean to me, tried to hurt me. And even so, I will still try and help you, even now. Can one of you turn into a dragon?”

Nugg had been going through a number of changes over the last several months, and he slowly raised his hand.

“I think I can help with that.”

Ziggy explained that he would help Nugg fully transform into a dragon, and then, he would send him far back in time, thus ensuring that when this current time period will have its World Dragon.

Porthos laughed as Nugg transformed from the human he once was, into a dragon…a silver dragon.

“I look so young.”

Porthos coughed as he spoke, and then he shimmered, and changed form. He looked just like Nugg, but older.

Theros finally caught on!

“Nugg! You’re Porthos! Oh gods no!!”

The world trembled violently and flashed white as Theros reached out to grab his friend. When he could see again, Theros found himself in some for of prison. A woman looked at the young bard in surprise.

“My name is Desna. Who are you?”



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