What Comes Around Goes Around

The view from the top

Excerpt from “My Adventures – The Life of Theros Vitalstatistix, vol.3”

Barney didn’t wait. Again. (gentle readers will note that Barney had developed a strong desire to charge into every single combat, immediately, and throw himself down the gullet of the first thing he came into contact with. You will have to wait and see if he learned prudence)
A huge six legged reptile, surrounded in swirling silver dust was the target of the moment. In mere moments, Barney was wrapped up on claws and being stuffed into the creatures massive maw. It was only divine intervention from Ashe that stopped the creature actually being able to do so.
From either side of the silver dusty reptile came two women. One was floating gently, a foot off the floor, surrounded by a highly localised snow storm and the other, covered in violent green flames, walked casually towards the party.
The fight became substantially chaotic at this point. Silver dust flying all over the place, snow storm and an eerie green fire all battled for attention as magic, arrows, multiple summoned creatures, divine intervention and massive hammers all combined to end the immediate threats.

Barney looked like a walking wounded, and even Ashe appeared to have taken some significant wounds. Ashe healed Barney using his ever ready wand, but obviously decided that he was not hurt badly enough to warrant using any charges on himself…

…which proved to be a mistake…

…as he walked into a fight upstairs with the largest bakery disaster the world had ever seen!
Two things immediately caught the attention of Theros’ highly trained senses. First, a massive blackened creature oozed its way towards the party, stories of old ringing in his ears, telling him this was likely a black pudding, and that adventurers had fallen foul of them when using edged weapons.
Second, there was a gorgeous woman behind the pudding, screaming in terror for all she was worth. Except, to Theros, stage trained his entire life, the screaming was a mere act, and not even a particularly good one. It was a trap!

Alerting the rest of the party that the woman was not actually in danger, Theros focused on moving around the room, avoiding the gigantic oozing black mass and shot at the woman, arrows hitting true, time and again.

By the time somebody got close to her, they could see her glistening fangs and the party deduced that she was, in fact, a vampire. Empathy, not that there had been much previously, went out the small arrow slits that called themselves windows at that point.

Nugg summoned more creatures. They seemed to be at his call all the time now, his powers and control over the forces of nature continuously growing (much like the wings on his back and the horns on his head and the occasionally cleft feet and clawed hands. Yes dear reader, our Nugg was becoming something of a conundrum at this time), seemingly by the day. Between these and the mighty club that Barney swung vigorously, the pudding was well and truly occupied and defeated.

Theros, Ashe and Arlen concentrated on the woman, and while she tried some of her feminine wiles on the men of the group, Desna, or simply the knowledge that a certain elf back in Hexagon, strengthened their wills and the vampiric woman perished, arrow directly through the heart.

A brief breather found Ashe clutching his sides in pain, muttering to himself about forgetting to look after himself before venturing further. A few flicks of a wand later however, and the avatar of Desna was fully functioning.

While the fights so far in the tower had been constant, they hadn’t really been overly dangerous, unless one considers that Barney risked being eaten yet again. Since the rest of the party didn’t consider that to be a detriment to his ability to contribute to the combats, the readers shouldn’t be fooled into believing there was any real danger to him as he’d been recovered from further inside beasts bellies than a few moments ago.

Confidence in their strides and knowledge that they were performing a vital, yet also good deed by ridding this tower of the evil that so obviously infested it, the party strode up the stairs, sure of their task.

Straight into an ambush.



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