What Comes Around Goes Around

Correcting the Bard

A drunks tale

So we have all the crystals. Picking up the last one in an ancient gnome city. Turns out that the gnomes back then created some things call clockworks to be their mechanised workforce. These clockworks developed into concious beings and rose up against their creators/masters. The gnomes sunk the city and abandoned it apart from one gnome who was left behind to make sure it was a success. On taking the last crystal I suddenly found myself with a choice. I could now command the clockworks. I could destroy the clockworks or I could leave them be. I chose to shut them down while we complete this quest. They are now sentient beings who simply rose up against their oppresors not hell bent on world domination like our bard seems to think. I will find a way to set them free and broker a peace treaty with them.bq). Barney Gumble



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